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Combating Bilharzia (schistosomiasis)

Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) is a water borne disease that affects the vast majority of children in rural areas. Its long term effects lead to deadly liver disease and kidney complications.

Plan for Bilharzia

There is a pressing need to improve the existing Medical Centre with regards to their diagnostic capabilities and the availability of medication. 

Our plan is to diagnose and treat children and adults suffering from the disease and to keep Elsulaimaniya and surrounding villages free of Bilharzia. As a start we plan a campaign which covers two small villages (400 people). A campaign requires a team of two doctors, two technicians, a microscope, a centrifuge, a power source and medicine. Up to 100 people could be seen in one day.

The work is to be undertaken in collaboration with Abdulrahim Elyas Charitable Association for Development (ACAD), a charity registered in Sudan to serve the targeted area; and in co-ordination with the State Ministry of Health who have provided information and pledged to facilitate and provide support as required.

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