Local with water hose


  • To address the shortage of classrooms.
  • Provision of seating for all pupils.
  • Construction of necessary welfare facilities such as safe drinking water and sanitation.
  • Provision of electricity and basic teaching aids such as books, blackboards and other tools.

Health Facilities

  • Promotion of health services to rural areas.
  • Support and maintenance of the local Medical Centre including provision of sustainable energy sources to allow for safe storage of medicines.
  • Provision of medication, equipment and technical support of the Medical Centre in the area.

Religious Places

  • Provision of educational literature and Holy Quran.
  • Carpeting of existing mosques.

Other Projects:

  • Distribution of Sadaqat al-fitr. 
  • Distribution of Adhahi. Adhahi is the practise where Muslims sacrifice a sheep at the time of the Haj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. This is the traditional practice where Muslims donate money to a family in need to aid them in purchasing their sheep.
  • Collection and appropriate distribution of Zakat.

Current Appeal

Sponsor an Orphan/Widow
impact the life of an orphan or a widow and their families, and change it forever. for only £30 a month, you can make a difference. single orphan - £30 per month two orphans in the same family - £50  per month three orphans in the same family - £70  per month this provides for ...
Rains & floods
thousands of families are displaced by destructions caused by rains and flooding. this year’s floods affect whole villages. diseases such as malaria are expected to be on the rise. we are planning to provide blankets, tents and medicines. donate here https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/10904 or donate to our a...
Water Supply
our plan is to provide water pumps and three kilometre pipes to bring the water to a closer point in the village. the cost of the project is estimated at £2000 for each location. the villagers will cater for maintenance required and for the diesel supply. elsulaimaniya trust will continue follow up of the project so ...