Ambulance Appeal

Welcome to Elsulaimaniya Trust

Elsulaimaniya Trust is an Aberdeen based charity which aims to provide assistance to the less developed regions of Elsulaimaniya and Elbauga of the River Nile State in Sudan.

The Trust aims to:

  • Help fight endemic diseases and improve community healthcare by providing the necessary facilities, specialists, medicines and increasing awareness.
  • Help and support the education of children from deprived families by improving the existing education system.
  • Provide urgent aid to those in poverty by responding to emergencies and natural disasters
  • Provide support for the local community in events related to common flooding, the destruction of local housing and the associated spread of disease.
  • Support and advocate women's causes by securing women's rights to access education, healthcare and other required services.

We hope to achieve all of our objectives by working with local community organisations and other partner organisations - namely registered charities.

Current Appeal

Sponsor an Orphan/Widow
impact the life of an orphan or a widow and their families, and change it forever. for only £30 a month, you can make a difference. single orphan - £30 per month two orphans in the same family - £50  per month three orphans in the same family - £70  per month this provides for ...
Rains & floods
thousands of families are displaced by destructions caused by rains and flooding. this year’s floods affect whole villages. diseases such as malaria are expected to be on the rise. we are planning to provide blankets, tents and medicines. donate here or donate to our a...
Water Supply
our plan is to provide water pumps and three kilometre pipes to bring the water to a closer point in the village. the cost of the project is estimated at £2000 for each location. the villagers will cater for maintenance required and for the diesel supply. elsulaimaniya trust will continue follow up of the project so ...